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Saw the show last night, absolutely amazing. I had my doubts when my friends invited me, but walked away satisified. Unbelievable performance, if only the soundtrack were available for purchase or online. See it while you can, it is well worth it.

- Mykel Mancer

I saw TG!TM at the Fringe Festival last year, and again last night. It is absolutely brilliant and just as funny as last time! When will the CD of the show be out?

[Stay tuned for details on a CD ... we're working on it. - Ed.]

- Kathleen Zaccheo

Saw the show on Saturday night. I am an old lady (82) thought Iceman was teriffic as well as the rest of the cast. Had some trouble understanding the lyrics. Sure it is my ears and not the delivery. However, I could understand every word of Jimmy Phillips.

Have recommended the show to another producer in Florida. Oh yes, I liked it.

- June Lockhart

This is the best musical to see at this year's Fringe, and I am pretty sure I've seen them all now.

- Erik Ireland

I have to admit, when i heard that they had "Top Gun! The Musical", I was a little skeptical. But to my surprise, this show is awesome. Congratualtions to the cast and crew for a job well done.

- Congrats

I finally saw this yesterday - hilarious, truly a riotous good time. I laughed so hard at some of the lyrics that I missed the next line.

- Alison Cormier

There is no arguing that this energetic cast was a hoot to watch and the lyrics were hysterical.

- Robert Johnson

The songs in this show are incredibly clever. Several do way more to explore the condition and pitfalls of performing than anything you're likely to see in a broadway musical. If theatre can't approach cultural satire, then what's left?

I laughed myself silly at Top Gun. Thoroughly entertaining. If you've got a funny bone to hit, Top Gun will smack it silly.

- Bruce Dyson

"Top Gun! The Musical" is a great show, the best (of 9, so far) I've seen at this year's Fringe. Go see it before Mirvish picks it up and charges $75/ticket. The show was extremely well received by the sold-out audience on sunday night. I think this show could be the next Urinetown, a fun, funny Fringe show that makes the transition to the big time. Great performances by Dmitry Chepovetsky (Maverick) and Steve Gallagher (Iceman). You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll pee your pants. Great show!


I was thinking about this show again, and did anyone notice how many of the songs were parodies of the "musical comedy" genre itself? I thought this was very clever. For example, "Goose is Cooked" is remniscent of "A Little Fall of Rain" from Les Miserables, where Marius comforts the dying Eponine (or like Roger comforting a dying Mimi in Rent). The "dying duet" followed by the song of grief ... Top Gun parodies this formula by making the song both touching and ribald at the same time. Very clever.

- Mark Kari

Had so much fun Friday night at this show, laughed my throat raw in the first hour ... highly recommended.

- Victoria

You know all those fringe shows you think you have to see, cause you know somebody in them? Fuck them - get your ass to Top Gun the Musical! A stellar cast, great songs and a dynamite script. If you thought this was a gimmick, it ain't. This is the real deal, baby. The first show sold out fast, so go early or get advance tickets or something, but go. If you miss this one, just don't bother with the Fringe at all, 'cause your missing the whole point: the diamond in the rough that makes it all worthwhile.

- Gregg Taylor

What a hoot! From opening "We've Got A Plane To Catch" to closing "You Can Ride My Tail", this is a little gem. Dmitry Chepovetsky steals the show with "That Goose Is Cooked". A delightful ensemble piece, this could very well be the next Drowsy Chaperone. Don't miss it!

- David Glover

Hello everybody. Over the next few days, we hope that you'll post your comments here about Top Gun! -- about the Fringe, whatever.

I'll be checking in from time to time too, with comments about what's going on around the Fringe, stories of the show, impressions of other shows. Keep checking back....and get out there and Fringe. It's stinky out there with this stupid Garbage why not escape to the theatre?

- Denis McGrath

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